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(Continued from previous entry ‘FAILPOINT’)
Wow. We’ve moved I think through several stages of dementia with this thing now…

Having decided we were going to go with cable, we called Failpoint and ended up going through all manner of stupid crap with them. Basically, it came down to the fact that the work order had been closed, and they were going to open another one…so we told them that this whole thing has caused us to have to keep the apartment for another month and not to bother opening the new work order, and that we’d get back to them if anything changed. (The part about having to keep the apartment was a lie, but at this point, we were annoyed to hell with their incompetence.)

So, this afternoon, I go over to the apartment, and there’s a curious package on my doormat from FedEx. It seems to have been sent by Failpoint and it contains…my splitter and DSL phone filters. Basically, the entire self-install kit minus the modem I already had. What. The. FUCK.

Then something occurred to me… Upon opening the phone box out in the hall, I found that our line was now hooked up. (A tester revealed it to not be energized, but it was hooked up!) There was also some new thing in there, covering where the service comes in.

Now we’re fucking confused. No, wait… I think FAILPOINT is confused. So my father calls Failpoint to see if— given these new developments —they could give us a better estimate than before. This is the only time I wasn’t present to at least hear his side of the conversation. (I was too busy next door playing KoF on my Neo-Geo hardware.)

When I asked him how that went, he said that first they said that he had given them the wrong address. (No. We gave them the right address, but it doesn’t EXIST as far as they’re concerned.) Then they said that the notes said my father called them, upset, and canceled the work order. (You can bet your ass he was mad as hell, but he did NOT cancel the work order, THEY did. He told them to hold off on making a new one.) They finally told him if we wanted it done, they could give us phone on the 29th. Seeing as how that’s a day AFTER Comcast says we’ll get cable, that was the end of the conversation, and probably any further dealings with Failpoint.


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